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What is Athensmade?

Athensmade is a celebration of the amazing companies that call Athens, Georgia home.

Our city has long been known as a hub of creativity – music, art, food, film, & theatre. We are also the home of the University of Georgia, college football, and a downtown renowned for its vibrant night life.  Unfortunately, not many people can tell you about all of the amazing companies that have been built in Athens, Georgia that provide jobs, stability, and a growing local economy.

We can do better. And, in the process, make Athens, Georgia better. The individuals who have chosen to make Athens home have created vibrant, innovative, and game-changing companies that provide thousands of jobs for citizens, stimulate the local, regional, and national economy, and provide the underpinnings of what makes Athens great.

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These Companies.

-Are Proud to be Athensmade-

STUDIO.BNA Architects

Consume Media



Sara Lynn Cramb

Let Us Compost

Free I.T. Athens

Your Pie



Athens SOUP

Four Athens

GoldenMane Productions

Fire & Flavor



Athens Roofing

The Pearl Girls

Vitamin C

The Natural Baby

Imaj Works Consulting

Studio Mds


Homeless Help Card

Mama Bird’s Granola & Shared Kitchen

Treehouse Kid & Craft

Stadion Asset Management

Smith Planning Group

Jittery Joe’s

Hackyard Athens

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